Stock Markets Badly Shaken As Global Conflict Escalates – Is the Economic Collapse Here?

The Dow Jones almost dropped 1,000 points as all market indices lost about 3% or more on Monday. Growing tension in the global economic system matched with fundamental weakness in the real economies of major nations is considered a contributing factor.

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401k accounts could suffer from stock market crashCentral banks are also cutting interest rates as China devalues its currency, and India just invaded Kashmir taking back land which was partitioned by the UN to be held jointly with Pakistan.

We’ll see how it all develops.

Gold and Silver have hit stellar new highs, reaching peaks not seen since 2011 after a historic bull run starting in 2001. Actually, precious metals tell a story of dollar devaluation even as central banks attempt to advertise themselves as our saviors.

And yet, world central banks around the world can’t seem to prop up these markets, as the global economic recession sets in.

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